This is actually a Birthday Card in game format.
Warning: May contain inside jokes and dumb humor

Made with Twine

Made withTwine


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turn around squish, i don't want you to see me typing this.

this is seriously the most bizarre and wondrous thing i have ever received for a birthday present. and let's be honest, you had a great start that very first year of our beautiful friendship. (p schlingel, q schlingel, all of it.)

i should go to sleep, i totally forgot what i wanted to write. oh, right!

someone who knows us and knows that you're sitting next to me right now and that there is no waking or sleeping minute in which we don't stay in touch, would call us weird at the best of days for communicating via comments, or tumblr tags or obscure inside jokes deriving from tons of great moments spent in labs, in the dojo, eating food, hanging out, doing stuff, or even nothing. but this is exactly what i love about our friendship and about you.

ugh, cheesiness ensued.

i need to go to sleep.

one and a half days later i'm still rumaging this code and wonder how and where the second line fits in and what the letters are supposed to tell me and i feel really slow for not getting it. anyways, it's wonderful how you choose to challenge me or amuse me every year and throughout that time with the things you know i love (and which sometimes make you shake your head in confused amusement). thank you for everything. for your time and your patience and your trust and loyalty. for you being you and being my friend. and i'll stop right now, because every other word will feel too much and not as if it was able to express it all.

dear world: enjoy this public display of honest squishy affection!

prrrrrrr =) btw, dinner last night was wonderful *.* and i ate all of the cake :3